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Kirra and Isla

Sally, I can not even begin to tell you how grateful I am for all Peter’s work with my children.  I tell everyone how much they love coming to Straight A’s.  Even Isla loves Maths now.  The confidence she has in her ability has bloomed beyond belief.  It’s great to see her confidence soar and for her to feel a sense of achievement.  As her mother, I feel a load has been lifted from my shoulders.  Despite my best efforts to teach her, I just don’t have the skills that are provided by your tutors at Straight A’s.
Thank you very much for helping my children (and helping me!)

Lisa Cousins



James has been attending Straight A’s for just over a year now. We have found Sally to be an integral part of his learning. She has been very supportive to us as a family as James has recently been assessed as being dyslexic. Sally has taken the time to undergo professional development in order to best support his learning needs. She has also been in contact with his teacher in order to provide a consistent learning approach for James. And BEST OF ALL… James’ LOVES it! Straight A’s is computer driven which really suits him. He also really looks forward to Sally’s reward system.

Thanks Sally for your continued support and advice for James.

Bern and Craig


The Masters Family

All three of my children have had the opportunity to experience the expertise of Straight A’s. They have benefitted from the group and one to one teaching programmes that were designed to suit their needs. My children have all felt that Straight A’s has helped them gain confidence and knowledge in their studies from Mathematics through to English.

Jayna Masters



My Year 12 daughter Ella, has received superb tuition from the team at Straight A’s for the past three years. She is a high achieving student and is currently working through the Year 13 mathematics curriculum (a year ahead of her current year level). She is involved in an out of school activity which requires her to take time off school throughout the year. The tuition she receives from Straight A’s is invaluable when going over work missed from lessons she was unable to attend at school. The weekly help with her studies has given her a good understanding of her work which again has been invaluable.