Frequently Asked Questions

Do you assess my child before they start classes?

Yes, we will assess your child before the classes begin.

What happens if my child is absent for their lesson?
Catch up classes are organised for any missed lessons. All you need to do, is ring the centre and organise a day and time that will suit you.
Do you give homework?
We give homework for all students up to and including Year 8. The homework given, consolidates work covered at Straight A’s. There is however, flexibility with our homework policy as we know that from time to time, students have other commitments and are unable to complete their weekly Straight A’s homework.
What ages do you cater for?
At Straight A’s we cater for students from Year 1 (6 years old) through to Year 13 (18 years old.)
Do you help students with their school homework?
Yes, we are happy to help our students with their school homework.
Is there any funding available to help with the tuition fees?
Work and Income have an Extraordinary Care Fund to help support children who show promise in a particular area or are experiencing difficulties that are significantly impacting on their development. Further information can be found on the NZ Government Work and Income website.

Straight A’s is a recognised provider of tuition with the Fletcher Building Employee Educational Fund. It will provide funding towards student’s tuition at Straight A’s. Further information can be found at https://www.fbeducation.com

Do you correspond with my child’s class teacher?
Yes, we are happy to contact and work alongside the class teacher’s of our Straight A’s students so as to ensure that we are all working towards the same goals.
Do you use computers?
Yes, we do use computers to support the student’s learning at Straight A’s. Computers only form part of the programme though, with the remainder of the lesson being written work.
How long will my child need to attend Straight A’s for?

This will depend on the student and the goals they have set in terms of their tuition. Some students may only be with us for perhaps two terms while others can be with us for a number of years. Many parents see tuition as a support system for their son/daughter throughout their primary and secondary school education.