Level 1 Meadowbank Shopping Centre
35 St Johns Rd, Meadowbank, Auckland



Learning Difficulties

At Straight A’s we recognise that there are many students that have ongoing hurdles in their learning.

  • We work with students with Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia, Aspergers Syndrome, Irlen Syndrome and ADD.
  • The centre has special intervention programmes (STEPS) to help those with Dyslexic tendencies.
  • Straight A’s is also able to assess and diagnose dyslexia in students. A comprehensive report is given on completion of the assessment.
  • Our specially trained tutors help students with learning difficulties, reach their potential
  • We build students self belief and confidence in their learning.
  • We have a qualified Irlen Syndrome Screener available on site.

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