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Straight A’s Education Centre

Our centre provides specialist Maths, English and Science tuition for primary and secondary school students. We are an established centre with two decades of delivering tutoring expertise and subsequently making a difference to the academic journey of thousands of students.

We extend a personal invitation to come and visit us.

Straight As tuition
With Straight A’s programmes designed specifically for each student we can support them at the exact level they are working at. Pre-assessments for our Years 2-8 students ensure our programmes target the required areas.

Our programmes follow the NZ curriculum at both the primary and secondary school level. Our NCEA and Cambridge programmes support our Year 11-13 students as they transition through their senior school years. Working alongside their current area of focus at school helps consolidate new concepts taught.

A mixture of computer and written work ensures our students retention of new learning.

Straight As tuition

Impressed by Straight A's professionalism

I have been impressed by Straight A’s professionalism and the dedication of staff in ensuring that my child enjoys learning and tutoring. They have modified programs to ensure that as well as bringing his general achievement levels up, his motivation and engagement is maintained. They have used their knowledge of his interests and extended him in areas where he excels.

Having had school reports year on year displaying his achievement levels as ‘below or well below’ due to his learning needs, it has been a huge confidence boost for him to be made aware of, and work on a small area of maths where he is above average for his age.

As a parent I have felt well informed about his progress through regular communication and reporting. I highly recommend Straight A’s.

– Heather

'Amazing academic support'

Straight A’s has been amazing academic support for my children over the years. The tutors are highly skilled, kind and always go the extra mile. Sally (the owner) sets a very high standard for her team and ensures that they are well versed in the curriculums. She is extremely accommodating and takes a genuine interest in the students. My children always enjoy their time at Straight A’s. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

– Sarah

'A comprehensive programme'

It is my pleasure to write this testimonial for Straight A’s. My two children have been attending these classes for several years and I believe it has given them an academic edge over their peers with their recent NCEA results reflecting this.

The tutors have been handpicked, not just because of their success in their individual subjects, but for their ability to impart their knowledge and relate to the students.

Along with excellent tutor’s Straight A’s offers a comprehensive programme with tutoring available for subjects across the board and help with NCEA, Cambridge and IB. Whether you have a child struggling with confidence in a subject or one who needs to be challenged more Straight A’s can absolutely provide that support.

In addition to assistance with curriculum subjects Straight A’s provides support in teaching students time management and study planning. It has been one of the best investments we have made for our children.


'My children are happy, relaxed, and confident at Straight A’s'

My two children have been attending Straight A’s in Meadowbank for over two years each now. My children are happy, relaxed, and confident at Straight A’s. I believe they feel heard and respected, and this allows them the freedom to work hard but also ask the ‘silly’ or ‘obvious’ questions. This has led to both my children improving their results at college, and I believe giving them both the freedom (with hard work) to follow whatever path they may wish to follow. I highly recommend tutoring at Straight A’s.

– Amanda