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By gaining knowledge through the study of mathematics and statistics, students develop the ability to think critically, creatively, strategically and logically.

In today’s world mathematics has become an integral part of the many career paths available for students when leaving school.

Confidence, self belief and a sound knowledge base are all important components in ensuring success. Whether it be learning basic facts at a junior level or algebraic equations at a senior level, Straight A’s is able to make a difference.

Our programmes and resources cater for those students that find mathematics difficult through to the students who are gifted in this area.

Primary and Intermediate Mathematics Programmes:

Assessments using Ministry of Education approved assessment tools

Tests to measure against the ‘National Standards’

Programmes to support the ‘National Standard’ process

Individualised programme written weekly to support learning needs and topics being covered at school

Weekly homework worksheets

All students reassessed every six months with a written report sent to parents/guardian

Numeracy programme

New Zealand Curriculum

Optional Cambridge curriculum for Years 8,9 and 10

Extension programmes for gifted students

Secondary Mathematics Programmes:

Individualised programme directed at the student’s areas of need

Preparation for NCEA and Cambridge examinations

Extension programmes for gifted students

Consolidation of current learning at school

Six monthly review reports for all Year 9 and 10 students

Years 9,10,11 and 12 curriculum

Year 13 calculus curriculum

Year 13 statistics curriculum

Cambridge curriculum

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